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Inasmuch as the liability to pay the property taxes is cast upon the tenants both by virtue of the agreement ... obligation to discharge and pay the property taxes in cast upon the tenant. IE is true that this
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 38 - Cited by 24 - Full Document
lease holders and in fact they have been paying property tax and doing everything except exercising the right ... simplicitor but a composite one; that the tenants were paying property tax till date and the landlords have not asserted
Madras High Court
- Cites 47 - Cited by 0 - Full Document
issue of alleged liability of the tenant to pay the property tax, the learned Rent Controller recorded findings adverse ... such agreement, the tenant could not have been held liable to pay the property tax. 15. Argument of the learned
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 15 - Cited by 0 -
(1995) 109 PLR 728
- G Singhvi - Full Document
owner paying the taxes and then pursuing remedies against the tenants for collection of the portion of tax imposed ... liability to pay tax is on the owner of the property but in cases where the property has been
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 12 - Cited by 28 - Dharmadhikari - Full Document
income-tax. Subsection (1) of section 13 reads thus : 6. Section 13 provides for composition of agricultural income-tax. Subsection ... permission to compound the agricultural income-tax payable by In him and to pay in lieu thereof a lump
Kerala High Court
- Cites 20 - Cited by 0 -
2004 138 TAXMAN 64 Ker
- J M James - Full Document
shall pay Rs. 50/-towards property tax of the mulgi. Therefore, the rent and the property tax items were made ... towards the so called property tax the tenant was not paying any short amount towards rent as such. Several receipts
Andhra High Court
- Cites 13 - Cited by 0 -
1996 (2) ALT 111
- A S Bhate - Full Document
provision that the tenant would obtain the sub-patta and pay the tax of the property. 80 paras of paddy ... patta was that the tenant became primarily liable to pay the tax on the property. If the landlord were allowed
Kerala High Court
- Cites 21 - Cited by 0 -
AIR 1964 Ker 298
- Mathew - Full Document
tenant started paying rent to the temple treating it to be the landlord. In the property tax register the appellant ... local authority as the person liable to pay the taxes. If the property belonged to the temple, there
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 10 - Cited by 117 - Bhan - Full Document
pay property taxes to the respondent i.e., the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay in respect of land- owned ... tenant the amount of tax 572 which he has paid in excess, of the tax which the property is liable
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 1 - Cited by 57 -
1969 AIR 1048
- V Ramaswami - Full Document
property taxes, namely:- (a) a general tax; (b) a water tax; (c) a drainage tax; (d) a lighting tax ... provisions, to levy a general tax, water tax, drainage tax, lighting tax and conservancy tax on the buildings and lands
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 2 - Cited by 36 -
1987 AIR 802
- M Thakkar - Full Document
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